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What Are your top React/React Native Blogs that you frequent? from reactjs


  • Ben McCormick: used to write mostly about Backbone, has now moved to React.
  • Christoph Michel: has written a number of good articles about React, React Native, and Redux
  • Randy Coulman: excellent, deep, well-written articles about Redux and functional programming techniques
  • Dan Abramov: It’s Dan Abramov. Possibly the nicest, most helpful guy in the React/Redux community, who also happens to have written some of the most informative and influential articles about using React and Redux.
  • David Meents: assorted React and Redux articles
  • Philip Davis: Redux and Webpack tutorials
  • Gosha Arinich: Fantastic articles on using forms in React. (Also about to launch an excellent book, “The Missing Forms Handbook for React”. Go buy it!)
  • James Longster: deep, deep articles on React concepts and advanced functional programming-related techniques, as well as things like writing a JS debugger.
  • Lucy Bain: Some excellent recent articles on React basic concepts and things like promises
  • Max Stoiber: Max is an expert on CSS-in-JS approaches and component architecture, and has written many articles on those topics.
  • Remy Sharp: lots of general web dev articles, including some discussion of how he learned React
  • Robin Wieruch: high-quality, clearly written tutorials on a variety of React and Redux-related topics
  • Juho Vepsäläinen: informative interviews with developers behind various React-related libraries
  • Zsolt Nagy: some good articles on React, Redux, and ES6
  • Dr. Axel Rauschmayer: deep, detailed, high-quality articles on the latest in-progress Javascript language features. (Not strictly React, but totally worth subscribing to).

Aaand finally, I’ll throw in a plug for my dev blog as well. I primarily write about intermediate to advanced Redux topics, as well as some React and Webpack stuff. That includes my “Practical Redux” tutorial series, which demonstrates a variety of useful React and Redux techniques in the context of a somewhat “real-world”-ish sample application; the “Idiomatic Redux” opinions series, where I offer up my thoughts on good Redux development practices; and various other posts, such as web-published versions of presentations I’ve given. (And I have a bunch more posts I’d like to write, which you can see in my list of tentative future posts.)