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3d modeling Software

SketchUp: 3D Design Software | 3D Modeling on the Web Autodesk Fusion 360

2014 Leaf

Bought 2014 Leaf in January 2017 for $8000 Date Odometer % remaining Note

Write CSS using javascript

This article is for beginners and is going to show how to write some CSS for a website using a javascript file instead of a cascading style sheet file. The javascript will be just at a basic level – nothing complicated. A unstyled button but with Gutenberg enabled the block library tries to take over::… Continue reading Write CSS using javascript

Gutenberg links ‘to sign up or’ ‘Zac Gorden Gutenberg course’ ‘really good post’ ‘part of a series about Gutenberg’ ‘part of a series about Gutenberg’ ‘explains frontend vs backend of Gutenberg Blocks’ ‘explains frontend vs backend of Gutenberg Blocks’ ‘two excellent videos showing how to create… Continue reading Gutenberg links

qajaqpnw javascript notes

In 2017, the registration page for utilized javascript to assist in calculating the total to be charged via PayPal. The total variable was used in main3.js to sum all of the various elements that were to be paid for during registration. The finalValue variable was used in main3.js to provide a text string: fname… Continue reading qajaqpnw javascript notes

Python & Anaconda notes The open source version of Anaconda is an easy-to-install high performance Python and R distribution with a package manager, environment manager and collection of 720+ open source packages with free community support. Miniconda installs with no packages except the ones you specifically select. Download free Anaconda, then learn how to use it in a… Continue reading Python & Anaconda notes


Vue.js Vue.js Tutorial & Getting Started (part 1) An excellent starting point 1hr6min – see codepen example.¬† Template Syntax suite of official libraries/tools that help with building larger applications: vue-loader and vueify for component-based build workflow; vue-router for routing in SPAs; vue-devtools for live inspection and debugging; vuex for… Continue reading Coursework/URLs/Notes