Pingback vs Webmentions

In 2002, WordPress created ‘Pingback’ system. It looked like this:


  • Website A posts a new entry on its blog.
  • Website B responds to that blog post with its own post and links to the post on Website A.
  • The Pingback system then notifies Website A that Website B wrote about and linked to its blog post.
  • Website A then verifies the content and link on Website B. If it is not spam, Website A will post a comment on the original blog post linking to Website B’s post.

Bad news – a) it was exclusive to WordPress and both sites had to enable it. b) it was hacked extensively by spammers. c) it uses XMLRPC.

W3C has endorsed Webmentions. Blocks spam effectively with the Vouch protocol, looks better in comments section, and uses http x-222-form-urlen-coded content. Use the  Semantic Linkbacks plugin to enable this feature.